Reasons For Pipes And Blocked Drains And The Best Way To Prevent Them

There is always an opportunity a blocked drain or conduit issue will crop up at some stage in any house. But if we take actions early on to prevent these problems we can prevent the aggravation these problems could bring, particularly when they turn into something expensive and important. Here are the common reasons for conduits and blocked drains to consider. Understanding these should allow you to come up with preventative measures before they get worse.

Tree Roots


Roots of trees propagate underground and they are usually brought to places where there is wetness. Leaky pipes and drains supply the needed wetness that tree roots are brought to, thus there are many instances where roots prolong their growing inside conduits and drains and cause blockages. If roots have grown in the drain or conduit, cutting them back to clear it’d just be a temporary repair since the roots cause the exact same problem over again and could grow back. As the problem recurs that is going to be expensive in the long run.

Constantly assess and clear drains and your gutters of garden debris from piling up to keep them, and cause blockages.

Fats And Other Oily Materials

Over time, other materials, like bits of filth and hair, get stuck in them and collect into a mass that may cause your drain passageway to be obstructed. To prevent this from occurring, do not pour down the drain.

Hair Strands

Hair will get tangled – After a while, they cause a clog in your drain, and roll up into a pile, combined with other substances. From building up to prevent them, make it a custom to constantly pick up strands of hair after bathing or showering. It’d also help to do a routine checking account in your drainage for collected substances to prevent blockages.

Toilet Waste

Toilet rubbish like cotton balls, toilet paper, soap touches and other things can be causes for drains to be obstructed. Thus, don’t flush your trash away in your toilet. Consistently have a bin in your bathroom as opposed to throwing them to put your garbage. Be responsible if you need to prevent clogging in your drain to dispose your rubbish correctly.


Eventually, never disregard a drain that is blocked. If blown off a little issue can become a larger problem. If you put off taking actions to have a blocked drain fixed, it could get you as follows:

Obviously, you’d be spending a huge sum for repairs, including replacing works and excavations.

S-U or curves, for example in sink drains, would have to be replaced. There may be instances where the damage is actually serious that it is essential to replace the conduits that are linking also.

Drains which can be badly clogged can cause sewage to be discharged into your property. In this instance, you’ll be expected to cover the price for replacement and repairs of pipes that are damaged.

Again, don’t get into trouble with blocked drains. Prevent small issues from becoming major difficulties and do not waste time to have a blocked drain repaired right away. Get a professional blocked drain plumber to cope with your clogged pipes and drains before they get worse.